Elected Officials to Protect California


The California chapter of Elected Officials to Protect America, is a statewide, non-partisan network of hundreds of California elected officials from nearly every county across the state committed to protecting communities, public health, and climate for all they represent. The network strongly urges Governor Newsom to outline a plan to move California beyond the fossil fuel industry to ensure a safe, healthy, and prosperous state for all Californians.

California has a reputation for passing groundbreaking environmental legislation, yet it leads the nation in having the worst air quality, most devastating fires, and staggering public health inequities. We must do better. Elected Officials to Protect California brings together leaders on the frontlines of the climate crisis who have one big message for the Governor: we can’t lead on environment if we keep drilling and processing fossil fuels in our communities. We say enough!

  • Gov. Newsom has issued 7,625 oil and gas well permits is his election; 128 new fracking permits in 2020 alone
  • 2.2 million Californians live within 2,500 feet of an operational oil and or gas well; 67% of wells in communities of color
  • 70,000 inactive & near-inactive wells will cost Taxpayers $6 billion to clean up, only $79 million allocated

Cities, towns and counties have shown the way (read more examples on Local Government Actions). To ensure the health, safety and futures of all Californians – IT’S TIME FOR THE STATE TO STEP UP AND DO IT’S PART, TOO!

EOPCA is a division within EOPA, a project of the Solon Center for Research & Publishing 501(c)3 – Ⓒ 2019